Friday, January 05, 2007

To Pat Robertson: Please Stop..

Ian at Ruminations By The Lake has a post about a petition which basically is asking Pat Robertson to be quiet and stop "prophesying".

Pat has abused his prominent position by continually repeating what God has allegedly told him. His statements are not only controversial, but they are often errant. In the latest case he made a prophesy about a terrorist attack in 2007, and claimed that God told him that. When Pat speaks, while he doesn't formally represent me, people do see him as an evangelical leader and hence associate his position with all of evangelical Christianity.

I think the petition is worth signing. Though it likely will not influence Pat Robertson, it is a good demonstration that large numbers of conservative evangelical Christians reject what Pat is saying and regret the fact that Pat is seen as a representative of conservative Christianity.

Towards the end, the petition says:

"Whereas Pat Robertson has, in the last several years, abused the authority of Scripture, abused the license of a minister of God....and abused the position of high visibility to the public he possesses in those ways while representing himself as a minister of the Gospel,

Therefore, we respectfully and earnestly exhort him to stand down from his self-appointed position as 'prophet' -- that is, one who receives God's own words and speaks them to the world apart from established Scripture -- and apologize to the church, and on behalf of the church to those who have witnessed his abuses, for his on-going representation of himself as a mouthpiece for God Almighty."

So far there are 300 signatures.

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