Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Fix of Trimethylxathine

Some of you may have heard of a drug named Trimethylxathine. The drug is very popular and tracends social classes. The average dosage is 300 mg per day, normally taken orally. A dose of around 10 grams is deadly, though even 3 or 4 grams has been known to cause death.

A high dose of this drug could case gastrointenstinal problems, violent behavior, muscle twitching, diursesis, anxiety, panic attacks, and even hallucinations. The substance is physically addictive and is also known to reduce motor coordination, cause insomnia, headaches, and diziness. It can effect childbirth, causing IDS, miscarriage, etc.

The drug acts as a stimulant, operating through mechanisms similar to (although milder than) heroin and cocaine. One such similarity is the increase of dopamine. It also is known to have withdrawl symptoms including fatigue, muscle pain, and headaches.

Should this drug be legalized? Oh, already is. The drug I'm talking about is caffeine. And, no, I'm not on an anti-caffeine crusude. I enjoy my occasional Yerba Mate tea or Oolong tea.. ;)

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