Thursday, October 09, 2008

Some Great Political Quotes

Here are some nice quotes from a recent Douglas Wilson blog post:

"having Congress oversee the economic markets of a nation like ours is like having a chimp disassemble your laptop computer for a little troubleshooting"

"Suit yourself. And when things go really badly, computer-wise, Nancy Pelosi will insist that the 'next time this happens, we will take steps to ensure that the chimp repairmen are only allowed to use their thumbs.'"

"We really do get the government we deserve. In less than a month, virtually every elected lunatic that I have seen on the tube during this silly season will be returned to Congress, with loud shouts of triumph. If people were to ask me what we can do to survive the nine miles of bad road that appears to be just ahead of us, my advice would be this: cultivate, really cultivate, a deep and robust sense of humor. And that is not possible unless God is in His heaven. "



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