Monday, October 20, 2008

Recent Quotes

1. My cousin Petar has posted some astute political thoughts such as "Everything that true conservatives dislike about George W. Bush is magnified in John McCain" and "Every Democrat that is overly excited about Barack Obama will eventually be as disappointed as most conservatives are with the current president (apparently most Americans are still hoping for a man who will become God, rather than committing themselves to the God who became man)"

2. Douglas Wilson on the irony of the 2008 U.S. Presidential election: "take the fact that the 'conservative' candidate is running on public funds, and the thug and commie candidate is privately funded by capitalists".

3. Stephen Harper showed quite clearly his view of economics when he said: "This government is running the economy so it can't go to hell in a handbasket." (HT: Liberty in Canada

4. The Blue Blogging Soapbox said "it certainly looks like Stephane Dion made use of the napkins to come up with his 30 Day Economic Plan"

5. Thomas Dilorenzo at on the bailout: "Naturally, the Fed’s response has been to grant itself even more powers, while the executive branch and Congress are busy nationalizing the capital markets, a move that will kill American capitalism"

6. Dilbert Cartoonist Scott Adams has some tactical advice for Israel: "I realized that Israel can destroy all of its local enemies by inventing solar technology that makes oil uneconomical. Such an invention would do more harm than any military attack. And it’s all legal and moral. The politicians and business people in Israel have all the right incentives times a thousand. Their very survival is at risk. Israel is one patent away from crushing every oil producing country in the world."

7. Paul Huxley says that Douglas Wilson's "A Primer on Worship and Reformation" is "two thumbs fresh".


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