Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin: Fresh Air, But Don't Get Too Excited!

I think is RIGHT on when it says the following about Sarah Palin:

"Palin is certainly a breath of fresh air from the typical establishment candidates. However, Palin is also more of a political chess piece than a real sign of reform within the GOP...While the base of the GOP may be more prone to rallying behind Palin than McCain, it's still McCain that is heading the ticket, and it will be McCain that would be making the policy decisions in a McCain administration. Though Palin herself may not know it, and though newly excited conservatives may not be willing to believe it, Palin's role (and her views) will most likely be marginal at best.

Voting for McCain because of Palin is like buying a jalopy with a fresh paint job, and hoping it will perform like a car right out of the factory doors. The GOP is still heading down a bumpy path, and even a reformer like Palin isn't enough to get it back on the pavement. "

Of course, Palin is better than the other prospective VP: Biden. But that isn't saying anything at all! (I find it ironic that Obama talks so much about change, and then appoints, of all people, a man whose middle name ought to be ESTABLISHMENT)

Oh my! Here we go.. A period of either an ObamaNation or a fresh scoop of McStatism. What a lovely choice! Would you like to be stomped with the Left Boot or the Right Boot? Thankfully my hope is not placed in U.S. politics (or Canadian politics for that matter), because it would be lost long ago! I advise seeking something less wishy-washy to hang your hopes on than a McCain or an Obama. Otherwise, you'll be really disappointed. Call me a pessimist..but time has already told and there is no reason to think McCain or Obama have changed their tunes.



Blogger kara a. said...

just fyi, the link to my blog should say "Biblio- File" because it is a play on words. (not a misspelling )

Kara A.

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Blogger Mark said...

Thanks! It's been corrected.

I think I have a mild case of dyslexia or something related, I tend to "fix" spellings to adjust to how they sound (even when I'm semi-conscious of the way it is really spelled).

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