Saturday, June 21, 2008

Neither Here Nor There

  • The majority of conservatives don't understand the nuances of their own heritage of liberty enough to understand why it is desirable to extend habeas corpus to suspected terrorists. Instead they support using tactics of the sort that are more in character with Islamic extremist governments than a free Western democracy/constitutional republic. This is to their own peril. Freedom means NOTHING if it only applies to unsuspected individuals. The test of whether we have freedom or not boils down to how we are treated when we are suspected (but not yet proven) to be in the wrong. The importance of treating these suspected terrorists carefully becomes important since these alleged combatants are not clearly marked out like they were in previous wars (ie. with enemy uniform). It is very hard to distinguish who's who in guerilla and other non-conventional wars. Giving the president, a general, or soliders, the power to arbitrarily arrest and detain someone in an undefined never-ending war and never having to present evidence is the essence of totalitarianism and dictorial powers. There is much misinformation being passed round that is painting sending suspected terrorists to courts as a concession to the terrorists. This couldn't be further from the truth. Here some links from a libertarian perspective on the Habeas Corpus issue: Habeas Corpus: The Lynchpin of Freedom, Libertarian Party asks McCain 'What's so wrong with habeas corpus?',
  • Douglas Wilson speaks of the U.S. election and the choice between Disaster A and Disaster B
  • Tim Challies has an interesting aspect of the Proverbs 31 women which we probably don't usually think about: her entrepreneurial skills.


Blogger Gary said...

I agree,if we are endowed by our
Creator with certain inalienable
rights(as the Declaration of Independence states),then everyone
has the right to Habeus Corpus.
It's a slam dunk as far as I'm
concerned.I can't believe it was a
5 to 4 vote on the Supreme Court.
It's scary that these judges can rationalize anything,probably even
throwing Jews in the oven(that was
over the top)

2:45 AM  

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