Monday, May 19, 2008

Well-Known People From This Area

  • Paul Martin - Former Prime Minister of Canada
  • Alexander 'Skip' Spence - Rock musician with Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape (born in Windsor)
  • Shania Twain - 5-time Grammy winning singer/songwriter (born in Windsor)
  • Garth Hudson - Keyboardist/Organist for The Band, played at Woodstock (born in Windsor)
  • John Swainson - Former governor of Michigan (born in Windsor)
  • Jeff Burrows and Jeff Martin - Members of The Tea Party (born in Windsor)
  • Mike Lazaridis - Founder of Research In Motion (born in Windsor)
  • Joel Quenneville - Former NHL player and coach (born in Windsor)
  • Bob Probert - Former NHL player (born in Windsor)
  • Ed Jovanovski - Former NHL player (born in Windsor)
  • Hiram Walker - Famous distiller of whiskey (born in Windsor)
  • Thomas LaSorda - Chrysler CEO (born in Windsor)
  • Ron Wilson - Former NHL hockey player & coach (born in Windsor)
  • Marty Gervais - Poet and publisher (born in Windsor)
  • Eddie Mio - Former NHL player (born in Windsor)
  • Sean Burke - Former NHL player (born in Windsor)
  • Steve Bacic - Actor (raised in Windsor)
  • Richard Peddie - CEO of Toronto Maple Leafs and Pilsbury Canada (went to school in Windsor)
  • Alistair MacLeod - Writer (resident of Windsor)
  • Barbara Gowdy - Novelist (born in Windsor)

  • Andy Delmore - Hockey player (born in LaSalle)
  • Marc Reaume - Former NHL hockey player (born in LaSalle)

  • Meghan Agosta - Canadian Women's ice hockey player (born in Ruthven)

Belle River
  • Tie Domi - Former NHL hockey player (born in Windsor, grew up in Belle River)

  • Tim Kerr - Former NHL hockey player who had four 50-goal seasons (born in Windsor, grew up in Tecumseh)

  • Darren McCarty - NHL hockey player (born in Leamington)
  • David Suzuki - Environmental activist (spent some of his childhood in Leamington)

  • Robertson Davies - 20th century novelist & playright, wrote 11 novels (born in Thamesville
  • Doug Melvin - General Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers (born in Chatham)
  • Ferguson Jenkins - Hall of fame Baseball pitcher (born in Chatham)
  • James Couzens -U.S. senator, V.P. of Ford Motor Company, Mayor of Detroit (born in Chatham)
  • Dave Gagner - Former NHL hockey player
  • Michelle Wright - Country singer (born in Chatham)

I'm sure I probably missed quite a few.. There's probably more people on here than one might expect. However, if you removed athletes and musicians, this wouldn't be that large of a list.


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