Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Nenadovic Style of Wine Drinking

The Nenadovic Style of Wine Drinking, Or, How To Impress Your Parish With Your Temperance.

"Then my father took a large glass filled with wine and, after drinking two fingers' depth from it, said to me: 'In your first year, when you go about the parish, drink only so much from every glass that is offered to you, and in your second year so much', and he again sipped a little wine. 'In your third year you can drink half the glass. Only in your fourth and fifth years can you drink the glass to the bottom and by that time all your parishioners will remember your first years and will all say: Our priest hardly drinks anything!'"

Quote from "The Memoirs of Prota Matija Nenadovic", edited and translated from the Serbian by Lovett F. Edwards. Oxford At The Clarendon press, 1969.

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