Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nick Vujicic on 20/20

For those interested, my cousin Nick Vujicic from Australia is scheduled to appear for interview on 20/20 on Friday, March 28th. 20/20 is on the ABC network and I think it airs at 10PM. More info about Nick can be found at www.lifewithoutlimbs.org



Blogger Downpour Productions said...

Hey Mark! My name is Stephanie and I'm directing a documentary on Nick's life and ministry through the Dallas Christian Filmmakers! The title of the documentary is, "The Measure of a Man." We are coming at this film with a modern "reality show" type angle, instead of your normal head-on, cold interview documentary. This allows us to target our generation, & the theme "Measure of a Man" lets us make it relevant to those in our generation as we will touch on society’s view of a man, why that is wrong & how Nick is a man. That the measure of a man or woman is what's inside of them that matters. It's the condition of the heart! My blog is: www.downpourproductions.blogspot.com
It is so amazing to see the Lord opening up so many doors for Nick and his ministry! The Lord's favor is truly upon his life!

Anyway, I came across your blog and that is so neat that your Nick's cousin. I love the layout of your blog. Love how you address so many different topics! Very cool! Just wanted to drop by and say hello!

In Christ,

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