Thursday, February 21, 2008

Serbians Not Happy About Kosovo Independence

Not surprisingly, Serbians are not taking kindly to the declaration of Kosovo as an independent state. In Belgrade protestors broke into the U.S. embassy and 200,000 Serbians gathered to protest Kosovo's secession.

Russia and Spain have not recognized the secession, and as far as I am aware Canada is delaying an answer also. The Russians have called the move illegal and immoral and threatened to use force. These countries recognize the ramifications that this could have on their own populations. Sure, secession sounds good to the powers that be when the issue is across an ocean. But what if an ethnic majority decided to separate California from the Union? Or what if Quebec wants its independence? How would the federal governments respond to that? Nato has been imposing solutions in the Balkans that most of its member states would be no means tolerate for their populace. Nato has outlived its usefulness and should be eliminated. It has spent a lot of money at best doing nothing or at worst causing destruction.

This is a prime example of how interventionism causes tensions. Rather than let a country deal with a civil war on its own, stakes are raised and tensions escalate. Policing the world is a dirty job. Nuances of the issues involved get the "jack hammer" treatment and the result is a mish-mash of mayhem. Of course, once the "blowback" starts raising its ugly head, there will be innocent-sounding yelps of, "Why do they hate us? They must hate us for our freedom!". Well, in a way it is true. "They" do hate us for our freedom. Our freedom to intervene in their affairs.

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