Saturday, January 19, 2008

Huckabee Is Against Sending Rice to Cuba

Check out this video. It appears that Mike Huckabee, who once advocated exporting rice to Cuba, now sees sending rice to Cuba as supporting terrorism.

With the way Huckabee talks about Cuba (very prominently on his issues page), one might think he was running for President of Miami!!! Of course "scoring" (thats the word the reporter in the video used) the support of key Miamian Cuban emigrees is a key to any successful Republican's campaign. After reading what his website has to say about Cuba, I thought I would show what is actually implied in what he says. On the surface it may not sound so bad, but when you understanding some of the implications, it really is quite bad. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a free and non-totalitarian Cuba, but this stuff Huckabee is saying is ridiculous.


Huckabee says (with implications added):
"The United States must continue to lead the world in condemning the human rights abuses inflicted on the Cuban people [while ignoring those of other countries] and isolating Castro's tyrannical regime [and America's citizen's freedom of trade] both economically and diplomatically[, even though this sort of isolation has proven to aid rather than combat tyranny and is probably part of the reason Fidel is still in power]."

Huckabee says (with implications added):
"As President, I will oppose any efforts to lift trade and travel restrictions on the Cuban dictatorship [as well as American citizens right to practice capitalism with Cubans] and will veto any legislation seeking to lift these restrictions [on Cuba and our own citizens] until three conditions are met [by Cuba but not by a handful of other countries we have friendly relations with]: scheduling of free, fair and internationally-supervised multi-party elections, freeing of all political prisoners, and legalization of all political activity and [the] civil liberties [which our citizens have to some degree or another but I find rather unsightly, and will probably motion to veto them as the chance arises]".

Compare those thoughts of Huckabee (remembering of course, that my additions are not his literal words) with the simple but very sane advice of Ron Paul: "Stop interfering with Latin America; talk & trade instead...Actually, I believe we're at a time where we even ought to talk to Cuba and trade and travel to Cuba".

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Blogger Christina said...

I find it mildly amusing that you're talking about US politics. More humbling than amusing, but amusing none the less.

Sorry I haven't emailed you back. I have a draft saved for you, but with out internet at home it's been a challenge getting off my duff to finish it. We get internet tomorrow...

Have you seen the Canada vs. USA links in Challies "a la carte?" They're awesome; I put them on my blog.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Mark said...


A U.S. election would probably qualify as an election which impacts me just as much as a Canadian election! And I don't get a vote in it.

But it isn't just that. I really like the ideas behind the American political system (at least in its original founding). And so in that regard, I feel like I have additional stakes in the events that transpire across the border.

Oh, and I live some 15 minutes away from the border as well :)

I do read Challies blog. But I haven't checked out those links. I'll have to take a gander!!

9:26 PM  

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