Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Classmates on Facebook

These days its hard to find people that aren't on Facebook. It seems everyone and their grandfather is on the site.

For an example of this, take my former classmates:

From my kindergarden class (circa 1986/87), 6 out of 15 people are known to be on Facebook.

For my 2nd grade class (circa 1989), 15 out of 26 people.

For my 5th grade class, it is 11 out of 23 people.

For my 6th grade class, it is 16 out of 26 people.

For my 8th grade class, it is 13 out of 25 people.

And so forth. Of course, the figures are probably near 90% when you account for the fact that I many people are on Facebook, but not well-connected with their old classmates.

Pretty amazing, eh?

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