Thursday, September 13, 2007

On Abortion

In an article entitled "Why I, as a feminist, abhor how the abortion law has been so abused", Amanda Platell observes how the supposed "checks and balances" designed to limit abortion to certain cases are, in practice, merely a formality in Britain. In 1969, when abortion was legalized in Britian, 55,000 abortions occurred. Now there is around 200,000 per year, the highest of any European country.

While I don't agree with everything she says (obviously), she makes astute observations when she says:

"In particular, I passionately believe the growing scientific evidence of a foetus's ability to sustain life at 20 weeks - and show signs of recognisably human behaviour as young as 13 weeks - must make us reduce the upper limit.

I also believe that we should be counselling women far more about the viability of keeping their child, and the real alternative of giving birth to your child then offering it up for adoption"


"Who could read those statistics about the sheer scale of abortion in Britain today and not question the morality behind it?

Well, a lot of people in government, it seems."

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