Monday, July 16, 2007

Scattered Thoughts Series: Relations Tainted By Sin

These are some thoughts I've arrived at in different ways, some in the past and some more recently. Some are more recent, other have been on my mind for a while. Some might seem obvious, but I hope they shed some light or bring some interesting questions into your mind.


Our society, has in various ways have belittled and cast off just about every segment of the human population possible. Due to the fall, all human relationships are tainted by sin. For instance:

- Infants are subjected to all types of evil (murdered in abortion, abuse of various forms, dead-beat parents, baby's affected by drug abuse, etc.).

- Children and Older Youths are subjected to all sorts of things (including abuse, peer pressure, bullying, corrupting influences, forced "boy soliders" in war-torn areas, etc.)

- Wives/Mothers/Husbands/Fathers are subjected to all sorts of bad treatment as well (ie. abuse, unfaithful spouses, disrespectful children, deadbeat spouses, treated as a "burden", etc).

- Women in general are subject to all sorts of bad treatment (treated as objects for selfish gratification rather than with respect, treated as less-than intelligent, bombarded with occasions for low self-esteem due to self-image, etc.)

- So are men (treated as dull-witted, their natural roles are treated with contempt, also can be treated as objects for selfish gratification rather than with respect, etc.)

It doesn't stop with these few categories, almost every way you slice up the human population there is ugliness in the way people are treated. So, I've sort of thought of: How are we Christians living differently here? Are we just taking some of these vices and sort of applying the same philosophy but of course self-righteously enough to not fall into some of the more "extreme" and obvious evil? Also.. How are we ministering to others in this area and showing that the Christian gospel does provide healing in relationships between various societal divisions?



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