Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Neither Here Nor There

  • There has been a ton of controversy in Iowa over Guillermo Gonzalez. He's a astronomer and former professor in Iowa State University. He wrote a book on intelligent design and consequently was denied tenure.
  • I made a New Year's "refusal" to buy any books in 2007 until my "books read" count as as large as my "books owned" count. I'm happy to say that suprisingly been able to stick with this, and as of now (May 22) have not purchased any books in 2007. Not even any used books. I've read 345 books and own 349. So, I'm close to being able to buy books :)
  • Librivox has released a recording of "How To Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day" by Arnold Bennett. I look forward to the day when someone writes the same book for a Twent-Eight hour day, for those of us who find 24 hours days to be rather short.
  • The first known Open Office virus has emerged. It seems to be only a risk if you open OpenOffice Draw documents

  • Public.resource.org has taken on an initiative to make some Smithonian Institute images more readibly available. There are some 6,288 images.


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