Thursday, April 05, 2007

Vista Adoption Slow

According to this Slashdot post, most online US adults (87%) know about Windows Vista, but only 12% plan to upgrade in the next year.

I think that a lot of the negative press that Vista is causing this. Especially damning are the policies that the likes of Intel and the U.S. Department of Transporation have had in regard to their employees installing Vista. Also, the history of Microsoft operating systems has often shown that early adoption isn't always good. "Always wait a service pack or two" is pretty good advise.

In my estimation, if Vista wasn't being pre-installed on new computer systems, it would have a VERY tough time catching on. Fortunately for Microsoft, for many people the decision to use Windows Vista is not a conscious choice, it is imposed on them by their purchase of a computer.

As for me..I prefer to use an operating system whose success is not largely derived from the fact the user has had no other choice.

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