Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday Mini Codices

Here is today's installment:
  • Those with a vested interest in Web Security (pretty much all of us these days) and the technical know-how, may want to grab FireKeeper, a firefox extension which provides for Intrusion Detection and Prevention within Firefox.

  • The FAA is looking into ditching Microsoft software and using Google Applications on Linux hardware as an alternative to upgrading to Windows Vista. As the article suggests, Microsoft's new products such as Vista and IE 7 are taking a BIG hit in March so far. [HT: Slashdot]

  • Tipsters looks like an interesting site. There doesn't seem to be much of value on the site yet, but it is a good concept.

  • Apparently, Michael Jackson is a Muslim now.

  • James White has a good post about why textual criticism matters
  • for Christians
  • Visuwords is cool, try it out!

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