Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Obscurianus Trivianus

Can anyone get the following trivia right?

1. Who hasn't had an asteroid named after them?

A) Martin Luther (German Reformer)
B) Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)
C) Aristotle (Philosopher)
D) Albert Einstein (Physicist)
E) Mahatma Ghandi (Activist)

2. Who was shot at and killed in the 1970's?

A) John F. Kennedy (President)
B) John Lennon (Beatles)
C) Sam Cooke (Singer)
D) Hafizullah Amin (President of Afghanistan)
E) Huey Newton (Black Panther Activist

3. Who was not a University of Paris graduate?

A) Rene Descartes (Philosopher)
B) Erasmus (Humanist)
C) Jacques Monod (Scientist)
D) Bill Graham (Canadian Politician)
E) John Calvin (Swiss Reformer)

4. Who has not had open heart surgery?

A) John Wayne (Actor)
B) Mike Bossy (Former Hockey Star)
C) Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California)
D) Grady Booch (Computer Scientist)
E) Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane)



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