Saturday, March 03, 2007

10 Reasons To NOT Upgrade to Windows Vista

1. The US Department of Transportation has banned their employees from installing it on their in-house computer systems.

2. This, and this, and this.

3. New forms of Digital rights management is built into the OS (following the demands of the movie industry), potentially violating the rights of the user, cripple functionality, increase vurnability, and decrease reliability. You should read an analysis of this problem to find the problems with this.

4. It requires a minimum of 512 MB RAM and 800 MHZ CPU and has other very high requirements which will make it unusable on older computers and cause many laptops and low-end to midrange desktops to not be able to use some of the more advanced features (such as the Aero Glass interface

5. You can't legally share it with your friends (not that you could do this with any other edition of Windows). You are paying for something that you will have no real ownership over. And pay you will, at least a couple hundred dollars!!

6. Chance, you will have headache with your hardware and other things. According to this report at BBC, the following happened for one individual: it took about 1 day to get connected to the Internet, there was mysterious "unknown device" errors, there were problems installing Intellitype keyboard software, Windows Mobile Device Center refused to hook up Outlook to a PDA device, and the soundcard/webcam/itunes were write offs--they simply would not work.

7. Its written by a company that is know for its rather questionable behavior.

So, you probably should stick with Windows XP or 2000 or whatever you have. Or better yet, install Linux and enjoy its stability, liberating yourself from an expensive Operating System with draconion licensing term written by a company that doesn't play fair. You might find that Linux is easier to use than you'd think. There are some great distributions of Linux out there including Ubuntu and SuSE.



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