Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday's Mini Codices

Here is today's installment..
  • Perhaps this may be a reason why I should intensify my efforts to learn Spanish
  • A blogger named Stefanos Karagos offers an interesting post with an idea on how to be able to "re-read" books in less than 15 minutes. It basically involves making a simple "mind map" chart of the book that will assist in quickly joging your memory on key points from the book. A "mind map" is basically a conceptual diagram linking words, ideas, or other items linked around a central word or idea. I think it makes for a simple and flexible way to brainstorm. Stefanos also has a pretty good post showing what Mind Mapping software is available. I personally prefer Free Mind.
  • The Windsor star has an interesting article surrounding some controversy over a presentation regarding Islam at Campbell Baptist (HT: Ian from Ruminations By The Lake). I'm inclined to agree with Ian's assessment of it. We need to be careful how we carry out our dialog with other religions. It isn't a matter of compromise, it is a matter of being consistent, charitable, and most importantly good ambassadors to Muslims. Speak the truth, but not for the sake of fear of what is Islam is, but out of a genuine desire to open doors for communication of the gospel. I think we should let that overarching goal determine what we say and don't say. I would also add that an ambassador who spends more time burning bridges than building them will find it very hard when he tries to advocate his countries policy. I don't always model this well, but I think that we should all aim to the high standard of representing our "opponents" so carefully and positively that they must, in disagreeing with you, at least give you a hat tip for how you treated them. Think of it as a prime time to prove that you've "entertained the thought without accepting it". That being said, it does seem like the newspaper article has tried to dramatize this situation. I wonder whether "rally" is an accurate description of the event. I was not at that event, nor have I ever attended that particular church, so I don't know.

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