Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday's Mini Codices

Here is today's installment:

  • Douglas Groothius has made a couple of musing posts on the value (or lack thereof) of You Tube (exhibit a, exhibit b)

  • If you are running SuSE Linux on a system with an NVIDIA video card, you should check out this page

  • Wesley Center for Applied Theology has the journal of Charles Wesley posted online

  • Even though this cartoon is hosted by a site promoting Atheism, I must confess that I find the punch line more than half funny.

  • NPR has an interesting audio discussion contemplating a new alliance between progressive liberals and libertarians in America could form somewhat of an alliance. My take is that while it may happen on some limited issues that the two groups can agree on (which is true of almost all dissenting groups), widespread concensus is unlikely since the libertarians have different general principles of government. Even when they do agree, they are taking different approaches to arrive at their consensus and would not agree on the principles applied.


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