Friday, December 01, 2006

Interesting People #3

Here are some interesting people you may have never heard of before..

Dusan Popov: Dusan was a Yugoslavian double agent. He hated the Nazi party, so he signed up to be a Nazi spy and once he secured that post, he offered his services to Britian. Known to the British as "Tricycle" and the Germans as "Ivan", Popov fed only British-approved information to the Germans, and was highly successful, playing an integral role in deceiving the Nazis about Normandy. He wrote a memoir and he is rumored to have been the inspiration for Ian Fleming's "James Bond" character, which is quite plausible as Dusan's lifestyle was quite close to that of the ficticious character "James Bond". Rumor has it that Ian Fleming's inspiration came upon watching Popov at a Casino. Popov ran into some difficulties upon his arrival in America, where the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover distrusted him, and disliked his lifestyle.

Ravi Zacharias: Ravi is an evangelical philosopher and apologist. He descended from a line of Hindu priests, but one of his ancestors converted to Christianity and Ravi subsequently was raised as a nominal Anglican. He was personally an athiest and at 17 he unsuccessfuly tried to commit suicide by swallowing poison. While in the hospital, his mother read him the Gospel of John which led to his conversion. As a teen he began to preach and was even sent to preach to U.S. soliders in Vietnam. Ravi is the president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and has authored numerous books.

Tim Berners-Lee: Few modern inventions are a significant as the invention of the "World Wide Web". Besides inventing the WWW, Tim is currently the director of the World Wide Web Consortium. Tim is also credited with creating the first web browser (WorldWideWeb) and the first HTTP web server (httpd). He went to school at Oxford University, and after getting caught for hacking, he was banned from using the University computer. Tim was an Anglican, but left the Church of England right after his confirmation, and became a Uniterian Universalist.


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