Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday's Mini Codices

Here is today's installment:

  • According to Science Daily, sitting up straight may be the reason for that aching back

  • Wordie has to be one of the silliest projects I've ever imagined of. Put briefly, it is a word collection site.

  • Alpha & Omega Ministries has an interesting Paedobaptism vs. Credobaptism debate (James White vs. Bill Shishko)

  • You don't know what a hockey fight is until you've seen this match between Canada and Russia in 1987

  • Psiphon is a software tool just released that is intended to allow people from countries with uncensored internet access to "sponsor" or "host" people from censored countries, especially China, allowing them surf the internet freely. How it works is that rather than directly trying to access a censored site, a person from China is able go through a Psiphon client to access the said site. The idea is that the "random" people who run Psiphon will be spread across many providers. It is easy for the Chinese government to ban access to a few large controversial sites, but if there are Psiphon clients running spread over all the various Internet Service Providers that the Chinese people can access, their government's censorship will be at least partially subverted. For the obvious reason that anyone caught using Psiphon in a represive country will be subject to punishment, Psiphon isn't necessarily safe. There are possibly one or two other drawbacks to using such technology. However, new products like this remain interesting and significant challenges to countries who have repressive policies. While some countries abuse technology in ways that are repressive, they need to realize that technology is often very subversive to totalitarianism and most skilled technologists are to some degree committed to libertarian or at least independant/free-spirited ideals.

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