Thursday, November 16, 2006

Interesting People #1

Here are some interesting people you may have never heard of before..

Phil Zimmermann: Created PGP, which stands for Pretty Good Privacy. PGP has become the standard for public key encryption and has been around for 15 years now. The U.S. government initially persecuted PGP. Despite any special funding or commericial backing, PGP persevered until the U.S. government dropped the cased in 1996. Phil has served as a consultant for Reuters and Hewlett Packard as well as being a former director of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.

Donald Knuth: Don is a Professor Emeritus at Stanford who refuses to use e-mail. As a Computer Scientist and Mathematician he was granted honorary membership in the IEEE in 1982. He also won the Turing Award in 1974. He's also a famous author who has published work including The Art of Computer Programming, Surreal Numbers, and a Bible study book. Don's a Lutheran and also an Organist.

John Perry Barlow: Barlow was born in Wyoming and is noted for having an unusual mix of accolades: He's a Comparative Religion graduate from Weslyan University, a former Grateful Dead lyricist, a former chairman of the Sublette County Republican Party, was a campaign manager for Dick Cheney in 1978, a former Fellow at Harvard's Institute of Politics, a former Cattle Rancher, a Co-Founder of the EFF, and the first person to use the term "Cyberspace" to describe the Internet.

Brian Godawa: Brian is an award-winning screenwriter. He teaches and writes about film, philosophy, and screenwriting. He has written 10 screenplays, including "To End All Wars". He is a Protestant Christian and wrote a book called "Hollywood Worldviews", a book about watching films with discernment.


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