Thursday, October 26, 2006

Friday's Mini Codices

Here is today's installment (today instead of tomorrow to make up for skipping it last week):

  • Why Bertrand Russel Was Not a Christian looks interesting to say the least. The site hosting that essay ("Covenant Worldview Institute") has other intruigingly titled articles, including Zen: A Trinitarian Critique. I can't vouch for the writings on that site, but I've love to dive into them soon.

  • Titus2talk (a blog devoted to Christian women's issues) has a great post (relevant to guys like me as well) that encourages people that while good books have great value, we need to "[keep] the Bible at the Top of the Pile"

  • Next time you buy a salad, check to make sure it doesn't include a free dead rat. Apparently a man on the coaching staff of the Dallas Cowboys claims his wife brought home a McDonalds salad only to find a 6 inch juvenile roof rat on its back with its mouth open (and the rat was supposedly uncovered only after the salad was partially eaten!).

  • While I'm told it is quite a beautiful state, I'm glad I don't live in Colorado right now

  • Psychology Today has an interesting piece describing how most tyrants have an inclination to collect things in an "over the top" way. The article lists some bizzare collections that various profilic dictators have amassed (ie. Stalin, Hitler, etc.)

  • Did I ever mention that the late Peter Sellers was a great actor? They just don't make actors like that anymore..


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