Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wednesday's Mini Codices

Here is today's installment of interesting snippets:

  • Marcus Vorwaller's Best Tool For The Job is a very thoughtful and well-written blog covering a number of practical subjects. I suspect we don't agree much on religion (he's a Mormon, or at least was back in 2004), but his recent posts on conversation and web based applications are very well done.

  • Did you know that John Stott has a Bird Watching book?

  • Have you ever seen a Summary of a Christian Perspective on Computer Science?

  • I'm not the only "Nenadov" on the WWW. There also is:

    • My brother Dennis has a die design & detailing business.
    • Nenadov Blog (a guy with the first name 'Nenad')

    • My uncle Robert Nenadov is a chiropractor

    • My cousin Kathleen wrote a book

    • There's a Nenadov page about some Nenadovs who settled in Philadelphia. I don't know if I'm related to them

    • My Uncle Barney is a real estate and mortgage specialist

    • Sanja Nenadov is aneditor for some Croatian school newspaper

    • My cousin PJ/Petar's sermons are online

    • Ana Nenadov is some sort of student

    • Dejan Nenadov is a comic book artist

    • Lazar Nenadov is in management for the United Strongman Series. And "Mrs. Nenadov" is their "Press Officer". Now I know where I got my muscles from :>

    • Dalibor Nenadov is a financial advisor in Michigan

    • Dan Nenadov plays volleyball for Nipissing University

    • Maja Nenadov Beck is a doctor and writes a lot of articles about things such as clinical oncology


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