Wednesday, August 16, 2006

God's Attributes Work for Good to the Godly

-- Exerpt from A Divine Cordial by Thomas Watson --

God's power works for good, in supporting us in trouble. " Underneath
are the everlasting arms " (Deut. xxxiii. 27). What upheld Daniel in
the lion's den? Jonah in the whale's belly? The three Hebrews in the
furnace? Only the power of God. Is it not strange to see a bruised
reed grow and flourish? How is a weak Christian able, not only to
endure affliction, but to rejoice in it? He is upheld by the arms of
the Almighty. " My strength is made perfect in weakness " (2 Cor. xii.

The power of God works for us by supplying our wants. God creates
comforts when means fail. He that brought food to the prophet Elijah
by ravens, will bring sustenance to His people. God can preserve the "
oil in the cruse " (I Kings xvii. 14). The Lord made the sun on Ahaz's
dial go ten degrees backward: so when our outward comforts are
declining, and the sun is almost setting, God often causes a revival,
and brings the sun many degrees backward.

The power of God subdues our corruptions. " He will subdue our
iniquities " (Micah vii. 19). Is your sin strong? God is powerful, He
will break the head of this leviathan. Is your heart hard? God will
dissolve that stone in Christ's blood. " The Almighty maketh my heart
soft " (Job xxiii. 16). When we say as Jehoshaphat, " We have no might
against this great army " ; the Lord goes up with us, and helps us to
fight our battles. He strikes off the heads of those goliath lusts
which are too strong for us.

The power of God conquers our enemies. He stains the pride, and breaks
the confidence of adversaries. " Thou shalt break them with a rod of
iron " (Psalm ii. 9). There is rage in the enemy, malice in the devil,
but power in God. How easily can He rout all the forces of the wicked!
" It is nothing for thee, Lord, to help " (2 Chr. xiv. 11). God's
power is on the side of His church. " Happy art thou, O Israel, O
people saved by the Lord, who is the shield of thy help, and the sword
of thy excellency " (Deut. xxxiii. 29).

(2). The wisdom of God works for good. God's wisdom is our oracle to
instruct us. As He is the mighty God, so also the Counsellor (Isa. ix.
6). We are oftentimes in the dark, and, in matters intricate and
doubtful know not which way to take; here God comes in with light. " I
will guide thee with mine eye " (Psa. xxxxii. 8). " Eye, " there, is
put for God's wisdom. Why is it the saints can see further than the
most quick-sighted politicians? They foresee the evil, and hide
themselves; they see Satan's sophisms. God's wisdom is the pillar of
fire to go before, and guide them.

(3). The goodness of God works for good to the godly. God's goodness
is a means to make us good. " The goodness of God leadeth to
repentance " (Rom. ii. 4). The goodness of God is a spiritual sunbeam
to melt the heart into tears. Oh, says the soul, has God been so good
to me? Has He reprieved me so long from hell, and shall I grieve His
Spirit any more? Shall I sin against goodness?

The goodness of God works for good, as it ushers in all blessings. The
favours we receive, are the silver streams which flow from the
fountain of God's goodness. This divine attribute of goodness brings
in two sorts of blessings. Common blessings: all partake of these, the
bad as well as the good; this sweet dew falls upon the thistle as well
as the rose. Crowning blessings: these only the godly partake of. "
Who crowneth us with loving-kindness " (Psalm ciii. 4). Thus the
blessed attributes of God work for good to the saints.

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