Monday, July 24, 2006

Evolutionary War or Curse?

Fox News is running an article about a new idea about a thorough evolutionary war between mammals and snakes. This idea suggests that much of early human evolution is attributable to the battle between early primates and snakes.

This is at least mildly interesting in light of the fact that the Bible speaks of the tension between serpents and humans as a result of the fall and the events leading up to it. There are some truly fascinating aspects of the relations between humans and animals. Too bad so many people are unwilling to accept the testimony of Genesis 1-11, or at least they are unwilling to accept it in a reality-connected fashion and relegate it to the level of mysticism.

The article quotes an evolutionary biologist as saying "Snakes and people have had a long history; it goes back to long before we were people". Philosophically, I wonder about this statement! :) It definately makes me wonder. First of all, if we were not people at some point of the past then the snake-people relationship would not exist at that same point. In that vein, how can you reconcile the internal contradiction of people having a relationship "long before we were people"? Wouldn't "they" be more appropriate than "we" if we are talking about some supposedly less evolved creature?

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